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As a general practice, all educational services like coaching classes, competitive classes and computer classes made by Genius Club are final and you shall not be entitled to cancel your registration/class once you have admitted and received the class/tuition of the same. Genius Club reserves the sole right to cancel any membership/admission as per our discretion in case (i) we are unable to deliver the class/education services in a satisfactory manner and/ or (ii) the user tries to take advantage of the system which violates the Terms of Use.

For Cancellations or any grievance please contact the us via contact us link.


We will try to provide our best educational services to our student member. We do not provide refund for any product once the admission/class is confirmed. There is no obligation to provide refund. Each provider reserves the right to offer refunds, discounts or other consideration in select circumstances at its sole discretion.

If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment gateway name payments refund will be made to the same account.