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Our Mission

Every child is blessed with unique qualities that mature as talent with time. The Genius Club nurtures this talent, help the members to understand, explore and refine this natural talent in an informal, open setting and in a free-flowing manner. There’s no compulsion to succeed but find and pursue what you want to do. Our mission is to impart latest tech-enabled user-friendly educational services and congenial learning environment to our members, thereby supporting parents in shaping their child’s future. We endeavor to make learning a joyful experience and invoke curiosity rather than mere obligation for our members with the help of the latest world-class technology in providing members with career-relevant education and training with world-class technology, under the mentorship of experts.

Our Vision

The Genius Club envisions India as reviving its status as a world guru. Our Vision is to become a national educational services chain with which children are connected to each other. They can explore, nourish and improve their talents; and help each other in building skills and power to innovate. Genius Club aims to supplement the existing education system process with STEM-based learning, leveraging it with edgy Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We are striving to develop a culture that encourages risk taking entrepreneurship and flexibility to embrace change towards greater effectiveness.  We intend to create dynamic communities that value people and support inclusion, initiative, personality development and common wellbeing.

Why Choose Our Institution?

Our program concentrates on teaching and building basic subject skills through fun & practical way in order to gain confidence at education. We are a group of people sharing common ethos and zeal to empower kids and their young minds with the power of knowledge. The Genius Club is an open forum welcoming members to explore, understand, and pursue their interest while mentors nurture them so that they can attain their complete potential. We create an environment for innovation.


To develop an understanding & appreciation of the global dimension of our world; making our children appreciative of their history, culture & traditions, whilst being open to other cultures and alternative views of the world.

Skilled Lecturers

The Genius Club has rich well tradition of qualified, committed and experienced faculty who work for the professional career of the students on and off from its nascent stage till today.

Book Library & Store

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Connect with our experts for guidance related to personal, professional and academic matters. Here students are advised to build the right career path for them and provide support to help them grow as individuals and professionals.

Notes & Assignments

Having a good note taking method can help you understand what you read, think critically about it and then incorporate the ideas into your assignments.

Mock Test 

Any exam preparation is incomplete without practicing the topics you are studying. For getting the best results, you need to test your preparation.